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We are invested in harnessing the most cutting-edge technology in the recruitment and HR industry, opting for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. By keeping ourselves updated towards new technologies and market trends, we ensure the adoption of the best practices and resources.

Pioneer in the industry

We are the first to bring this technology and we hope to remain innovative through several planned upgrades along the way.

PDPA compliance

Jobseeker can control the data they wish to provide or even the type of jobs opportunity they wish to receive from us. This also include the channel or schedule we can reach out to them.

Systematic approach

Most of the recruitment software only allow a single way communication where jobseekers are usually left without any respond if they are not shortlisted. Our software will update progressively through the different hiring stages and if the jobseeker is not shortlisted, system will trigger a notification immediately to avoid missed opportunities for the jobseekers from other interviews.

Resume creation

Having problem in resume writing? A single login using your Indeed* or LinkedIn account in our system, you can import all the information you have and start editing or update into your own resume. Our friendly consultant will also provide advice in better resume writing through our system. What’s more you can also download and save a copy yourself.

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