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We are recruitment firm setup with the ambition to set a new standard in recruitment services using the latest technology in interactive software platform to bring a whole new user experience for jobseeker.

This will allow faster and better job matching as well as transparent communication between the employers and the jobseekers.

Our software also provides a quick login function to seamlessly create a profile using your resume or LinkedIn to be converted into an employer ready resume for all job application.

Jobseekers also can have flexibility to control and limit the type of jobs they are interested once they have created a profile with us. This includes newsletter pertaining to the industry of their interest and job opportunities.

This system not only comply to PDPA guidelines in Singapore, jobseeker can also login anytime if they wish to unregister from our system.


Be very update on the market information and news to mitigate any possible risk for our clients


Working closely together with a common goal to increase productivity in providing fast turnaround time for any talent sourcing across industries.


Successful is never our aim , we hope to be consistent in our service regardless of day one or long term collaboration.


We feed on challenges to help our client overcome any staffing issues and we will not give up until we see satisfactory result.

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