Few people are aware that engineering is really a science. When most people think about being an engineer, they conjure up images of engines and oil but the reality is very different.

This is a highly skilled industry and without it, the world would grind to a halt as there would be no bridges, no medicine and no cool gadgets like Smartphones that improve our lives.

Science and engineering jobs are for those who want to play a vital part in improving society as a whole. If you are smart, passionate and dedicated, read on to discover more about the exciting world of engineering.

Top few engineering jobs

Technical Services Manager

Qualification Diploma
Years         4-5
Min        7,000



Maintenance Electrician

Qualification ‘N’ / ‘O’ Levels
Years         2-3
Min        1,800



Mechanical Design Engineer

Qualification Diploma / Degree
Years         2-5
Min        2,800



Process Engineering Manager

Qualification Diploma / Degree
Years         5-7
Min        6,000



Senior Project Engineer / Engineer

Qualification Diploma / Degree
Years         4-6
Min        3,800



Senior QA Engineer

Qualification Diploma / Degree
Years         3-5
Min        3,100



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